Whatever your profession or trade, you probably get most of your business through a combination of existing customers, referrals, and promotion (advertising, listings magazines, maybe yellow pages). The one thing all these customers – current and new – have in common is that they will probably want to contact you by phone.

Answering those calls yourself takes time and interrupts the revenue-generating task you’re working on. It can also appear rude if you’re speaking with a customer. Missing those calls, or having them go to voicemail means they may not ring back – not to mention the majority of callers who won’t leave a message.

We can solve all these issues for you at a stroke. Divert your calls to us as when you don’t want to be interrupted, and our team of professionals will answer on your behalf. We will patch the call through to you, email you, or send you an SMS – or any combination of these that suits you.

If you’ve already embraced newer technologies and have set up your own website, Facebook page or Twitter account, we can also handle these queries as they come through – rather than you having to go through them in the evenings.

  • You save the considerable expense of a full-time receptionist (or the cost of an additional receptionist)
  • You save precious time by having us answering and screening your calls
  • You enhance your image by giving callers the appearance of a full-time receptionist or PA
  • You get the Peace of Mind of knowing your calls are being handled while you get on with your work
  • You can always have urgent calls put through to you – you decide who it’s vital to speak to, and who can wait for you to call back

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