Finding, recruiting, training and retaining good staff is one of the most time-consuming (and expensive) functions in any business, large or small. The issue becomes even more acute in smaller companies, where illness or holiday can make a big dent in any team’s capabilities.

We can help you make up any capacity shortfall. We can take whole ‘back-office’ or admin tasks off your hands, so that you and your team can concentrate on what you’re good at. We could even become your ‘virtual switchboard’ – routing calls through to the appropriate people, taking messages – and fending off those unwanted telesales calls.

We can even manage appointment diaries for any number of staff, via our system that lets all parties see what’s booked and what’s free, thus avoiding double-bookings.

If you’ve already embraced newer technologies and have set up your own website, Facebook page or Twitter account, we can also handle these queries as they come through.

  • You save the considerable expense of a full-time receptionist (or the cost of an additional receptionist)
  • You save precious time by having us answering and screening your calls
  • You enhance your image by giving callers the appearance of a full-time receptionist or PA
  • You get the Peace of Mind of knowing your calls are being handled while you get on with your work
  • You can always have urgent calls put through to you – you decide who it’s vital to speak to, and who can wait for you to call back

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