Multi-Site Professionals

Multi-Site Professionals

The Problem

Our client is a firm of solicitors wishing to consolidate from four offices to one over a period of no more than two years.  They decided that one tactic for gaining the greatest efficiency during this transition was to outsource some of their shared services.


The Solution

In their original set-up, the receptionist at each site not only had to deal with all incoing calls, but greeting clients, signing them in and out, dealing with post and deliveries, etc.  Whenever they were away from their desk, calls either went to voicemail, or were lost.

They decided to engage STAR to take all their phone calls.  The calls were then distributed to the appropiate staff member.  We became their virtual switchboard.


The Results

They have estimated that working with STAR has saved them the costs of finding, recruiting, training and retaining at least 4 full-time receptionists.  And that doesn’t even take into account the potential business lost from unanswered calls.

The rule of thumb for the true cost of employing someone full-time is 1.85 times their salary, to account for employers’ NI, benefits, holidays, sickness, office space, IT support, training etc) so this works out (on a notional salary of £15,000) at around £110,000.00 a year saved for 4 people.

Our costs to them over a year work out at around £8,000.00, and the client doesn’t have to worry about their receptionist going on holidays, taking a comfort break – or leaving the business.