At STAR, we take Customer Service Excellence very seriously.

Some of our clients have even won Customer Service Excellence Awards on the back of the work we’ve done for them.

We’ve worked in the Call Centre industry for longer than we like to admit.  We can pass on that expertise to you, and/or to people in your team whose job involves a lot of work on the phone and/or meeting clients face-to-face.

Here are some of the areas in which we can help you sharpen up your skills:

  • Telephone Communication (can be tailored for Customer Service, Sales, Tech Support, Credit Control)
  • Dealing with Complaints and Angry Customers
  • Creating Rapport with a Wide Range of Customers
  • Influencing Skills
  • Core management skills for Supervisors and Team Leaders

Our Training stream is run by Kieron Murphy.  Call Kieron if any of these ideas strike a chord with you.  01933 462130.

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