Switchboard Services

We can provide your company with a fully functioning switchboard to complement or even replace your current system.

Your calls will be answered as if we were sitting in your own office, using the greeting decided by you.  Your calls can then be either:

  • Transferred to named individuals, teams and departments
  • And/or messages taken and emailed to the relevant person(s)
  • We will tell your team members who is on the line before transferring – so they can choose whether to accept the call, have a message taken, or ‘get rid of’ any unwanted sales calls
  • Any calls we don’t transfer (for whatever reason) will be emailed to your team member with the caller’s name, company, number and what the call is about
  • Any un-solicited cold calls will not be emailed through or charged for*

As with all our services, you’re welcome to try our Switchboard service free for two weeks, prior to deciding on any call plan.

* Based on our historical call data, we anticipate that about 26% of your calls will be unwanted cold sales calls.  If it turns out that you receive a significantly higher volume than 26%, we would discuss with you a minimum charge for the over-run.