Recruitment Lines & Staff Support

First you choose a number to advertise with (If you need a temporary number for your campaign, we can organise this for you). We will then design and test a script. All you have to do is divert the recruitment number to us and we will deal with the calls from there. You can use your chosen number to advertise all your positions so when the call comes in it will go straight to one of our Virtual PA’s, who will be trained in how to answer your call as you request. All applicants will then leave their details with us, and we will pass the details to you via your preferred method.

STAR can take simple name and contact details or run through a detailed questionnaire asking about experience and qualifications. We’ll work according to your specific instructions.

And the benefits are:

  • You can have experienced, trained staff answering calls from prospective interviewees
  • You can project a professional image to potential employees from their very first contact with your company
  • You can turn the resource on and off as your requirements change
  • Your staff can spend more of their time doing work that’s more productive than screening and vetting candidates

Employee Support Lines

STAR work on a number of projects where large employers set up dedicated telephone numbers to act as a point of contact for various uses e.g. lone workers, reporting sickness, whistle blowing, and employee benefits.

Providing your employees with a centralised, impartial absence reporting and management system like a support line will make sure you in return receive the right information about your employees’ absences, along with visibility of the real issues that cause absence – but are often never talked about.

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