List Cleansing & Database Management

You may have built up a large database (or simply a shoe-box full of business cards – you wouldn’t be the first!) but have no idea how many of those contacts are still at that original company, or have moved address and so on.  Regular data cleansing ensures important records are up to date and accurate, enabling you to reduce business costs, deliver targeted campaigns, manage your database and stay compliant with the Data Protection Act.  We can help you with this, either electronically or by calling the prospects and customers to verify their details – and maybe some more besides.

And the benefits are:

  • You don’t have to divert your people away from their ‘real’ jobs: we can dedicate staff to your project
  • You can make the best use of the various contacts and leads you’ve built up over time, but haven’t had time to follow up and qualify
  • You can turn the resource on and off as your requirements change
  • We can cleanse/enter the data into whatever application suits you: a spreadsheet, your CRM system, Access, ACT etc

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