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We act as Virtual Receptionists for several practices, including osteopaths, acupuncturists, and homeopaths. Some are single-practitioners, others are larger concerns. In the case of one of our single-person clients, her income has increased by as much as £8,000 a year for a total outlay of less than £1,000. This all happens by simply having her calls diverted to us and answered professionally, leaving her more time to concentrate on core business without constant interruptions, voicemails, and call-backs (not to mention the majority of callers who won’t leave a message).

With one of our larger health clients, as well as saving the clinic the equivalent of two full time receptionists, we are always available when needed and are in effect managing the equivalent of 12 diaries for 12 different practices. We also give them the accurate data for them to allocate our costs fairly between them, which had been a major headache.

  • You save the considerable expense of a full-time receptionist (or the cost of an additional receptionist)
  • You save precious time by having us answering and screening your calls
  • You enhance your image by giving callers the appearance of a full-time receptionist or PA
  • You get the Peace of Mind of knowing your calls are being handled while you get on with your work
  • You can always have urgent calls put through to you – you decide who it’s vital to speak to, and who can wait for you to call back
  • You can receive itemised invoices so that the costs are allocated equitably across a multi-person practice

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