Short answer – well no, not really.  And especially not when you get into a long IVR menu: press 1 for this, 2 for that etc; and … being put on hold … and the scratchy elevator music – don’t get me started!

So why would any small business owner in their right mind consider using a call centre to handle their incoming calls?

At STAR Virtual office, we call ourselves a Call Answering Service, or a Virtual Switchboard.  We do have certain characteristics in common with your perceptions of a call centre, but with several crucial differences.  No ‘Press 1’, no ‘putting on hold’, no dreadful hold music, no ‘your call is very valuable to us’ etc.

We answer as if we are actually sitting in your very office.  We can take a message for you; we can text you the message; or we can transfer the call to you – or any combination of these options.  You choose.  We will also screen out those unwanted sales calls that eat into your precious revenue-generating time.

Still reading, yet still not convinced …?

We can earn you more money: BT and Vodafone research has shown that around 50% of callers will not leave a voicemail. That figure rises to over 70% if it’s a first-time caller. Who knows who was in that 70%?  A new prospect who moved on when they heard the first few syllables of your greeting?  One of our clients made an additional £8,000 in revenue in her first year with us, for an outlay of under £1,000.

We can also save you a shed-load of money: if you’ve got to the point where you’re thinking you might need to employ someone to sit in your office and answer the phones, the cost is probably going to be north of £20,000 a year (around 1.7 times their salary is the usual calculator, to take account of employer’s NI, pension, sick pay etc).  Our costs are a miniscule fraction of that.

We enhance your image: when a new caller hears your voicemail greeting, it immediately paints you as a 1-person company. That may be fine, if that’s what you consciously want your prospects to think. If you want them to believe you’re a little bigger, then our service will help. We will sound very professional on your behalf.  In fact much of our new business comes from callers who heard our receptionists when they called one of our clients.  “Who’s that lady on your reception? She’s great.”  “Actually, it’s my answering service, STAR Virtual …”

Call Bryan, Lyn or Kieron on 01933 462130.  We’ll even give you a free trial.