How clear is your writing?

If your company – for example – repairs air conditioning units across Northamptonshire, that’s what you should tell your prospects. Not “We aim to provide a world-class service” or “A family-run business since 1938”.  You can tell them all that once they delve deeper. Keep it simple. “We repair domestic and commercial air-con units throughout Northamptonshire. Call us now on this number.”

It’s easy to believe that nobody else could capture the essence of what you do as well as yourself. That may be true – and it may be false.  Even if you are a good writer, and enjoy the job of writing, at least give serious consideration to having a proper professional copy-writer do the job for you. We can’t all be Charles Dickens, or Jane Austen, or Sebastian Faulks.

Plus, at the risk of being obvious – always spell-check your copy before putting it on-line. Many people are not good spellers, and many in their audience may not know the difference. A significant number of prospects will still judge you and your company by your spelling, grammar, and clarity.

So if you’re not too hot on the differences between commonly-confused words like their and there, your and you’re, should have and should of (and let’s not even get into mis-placed apostrophes) – get someone else to proof-read your copy.  Someone who does know the differences.  Get someone else to read it anyway: they will spot things you’ve missed.

A recent BBC survey reported that simple spelling mistakes were costing businesses millions in lost sales. We believe them.

Continuous Optimisation

Optimisation is not a one off exercise – it’s a continuous one.  We will be looking for tips, suggestions and recommendations from a number of sites and will pass on those that get great reviews.  And if you have any suggestions we’ll publish these (some editing might be necessary!) and our readers pick who will win our monthly prize for the most useful suggestion.

from Bryan and Kieron at STAR Virtual Office: 01933 462130.