Is your website selling to your ideal customer?

You’re a customer yourself, of dozens or perhaps hundreds of companies. What made you choose them? Reputation? Recommendation? Or did you find them ‘cold’ through a web search?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: precisely what are they looking for? Have you defined your offering clearly enough that a quick glance at the Google search results (or your site if they land there because you gave them your card) will tell them you’re the people to solve their problem?

So, who is your customer? What irks them? What causes them pain? Can you solve that specific issue? Then tell them – in their terms, not yours.

With some businesses – like STAR Virtual Office for example – it is very difficult to nail down precisely who our ideal customer is. In theory, anyone, from a 1-person band to an international company. We work for osteopaths, lawyers, domestic cleaning companies, fire-sprinkler installers, IT technicians, architects, commercial estate agents, photographers, funeral planners, a church – you get the picture.  What do all these businesses, big and small, have in common?  One thing: they all need their calls answered professionally. They don’t need to waste time with unsolicited sales calls (roughly 31% of all our calls), they don’t want to interrupt client meetings with phone calls, and they don’t want to rely on voicemail.

What do your customers want and need from you?

Keep your site fresh and up to date

One easy way to keep your site fresh is by writing regular blogs. Choose topics that will add value to your customers and prospects, rather than trumpeting about how wonderful you are and how much business you’ve won.

As regards fresh: we regularly see schoolboy blunders such as a footer saying © Bloggs Corporation 2004.  No!  Check yours now!

Also, customers will ask you questions, often ones you’ve never been asked before. So, update your FAQ section, which should tell them everything they need to know. Except maybe prices – you’ll have to decide that one.

We realised there was a question new clients ask us regularly, which we ‘forgot’ to put on our site: “How does it actually work?”  We know how it works (and it’s dead easy) so we assumed everyone else would as well.

How easy is it contact you from your site?

Your contact details (especially your phone number) should be easily visible on every page. That’s it.

from Bryan and Kieron at STAR Virtual Office: 01933 462130.