Apparently, a number of major manufactures are dressing up their wares to look like artisan products.  Why?  Well, it seems as though the general view of artisan products is that they are produced in the owner’s kitchen and staffed by friends and family, and by buying their products we are supporting the “small” business owner.

In many cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

Four supposedly artisan products mentioned in a recent article are Tea Pigs, Rachel’s Organic Yoghurt, Dorset Cereals and Innocent Smoothies. However the respective owners are Tata, Groupe Lactalis, Associated British Foods and Coca-Cola (!) whose combined revenues are over £200 billion, and who between them employ over a million people – about the size of the population of Birmingham.

So not exactly the family businesses we’ve been led to believe by clever marketing and positioning.

And a little research will show that other well-known brands – Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Green and Black’s chocolate and Copella apple juice amongst many, all belong to giant corporations.

Here’s me sticking my neck out: given that none of these major corporations mentioned are known for their philanthropic attitude it’s reasonable to assume the products sell well and make a good profit.

At the other end of the buying scale it seems that 50% of consumers will shop at a number of supermarkets looking for the best bargains – little and often seems to be the motto these days even though the recession is supposedly over.  For the geeks and curious among us, the definition of a recession is two consecutive periods of negative growth! Whatever that means.

I guess the motto is that as long as you get you want you’ll pay what you think is right.

So, you might say, what’s all this got to do with STAR? A good question.

At STAR we like to think we are much closer to the genuine artisan brand – we’re small and highly professional and at the same time, we offer great value for money – both ends of the scale. And we offer a comprehensive range of Inbound and outbound telephone and text-based services.

To see how we can make your life more productive, give you more leisure time and create more income call Bryan or Kieron on 01933 462130.  Try us for a couple of weeks and notice the difference – we’ll even give you a free trial.