Nice client feedback, yes?  We haven’t had time yet to write up the case history of why we’ve made such a difference to her company.  More later.

In the meantime, here’s another nice bit of feedback from a different client, which has prompted some of our other customers to comment “That’s interesting – can you do some of that for me?”

Here’s what we did: our client ran a beauty salon in the West Country and was going through a difficult divorce – and spending a lot of time in court.  She was also spending too much on court fees – and she was applying for an accreditation.  And as if that weren’t enough – she’s had to move premises twice.

Keeping her clients up to date with all that was going on proved very difficult, particularly when she had to cancel appointments at the last minute.

We then ran her diary (easy for us); we made and re-set appointments, and if she was running late, we’d contact her client to keep them up to date and happy. (Also easy for us to do).

As a more medium-term solution, we designed a programme to update her clients.  She sent us a download from her diary database of about 2,500 names.  We cleaned the list (removed duplicates and bad addresses), down to about 1,500 names, about half of whom had email addresses.

We worked with our client to compose a suitable message which we then emailed, (showing her email address, not ours) and then text-messaged the remainder – again showing her number.

The opinion that really matters is the client’s

As you can imagine, she was delighted, and often called us to tell us so.  Sometimes, after a gruelling court appearance, she would call and ask us to rearrange her next appointments.  “You guys keep me sane.  I wouldn’t have been able to keep the business going without you” is one quote we particularly remember.

All of this is easy for us to do and could take a big weight off your shoulders, especially when you’re going through lots of stress.

To summarise:

  • We can run complex diaries and assist you maintain great relationships with your clients
  • We can clean up databases (de-duplicating, taking out bad addresses etc)
  • We can send out bulk emails and/or text campaigns that look like they’re coming from you, not us

If any of these ideas strike a chord with you, please do give Bryan or Kieron a call on 01933 462130.

P.S. We later helped her to get her business into a sell-able proposition and she sold for a good price.