We wish we had a pound for every time a budding entrepreneur has said words to the effect of: “I hate picking up that “****ing phone!”  If you have a great product, and you’re sure the world wants to know about it, but you gaze at the phone with dread … look no further.  Help is at hand.

Probably all of us in our company used to feel the same when we started.  As for handling objections … don’t even ask.  The trick is learning how simple it is to actually sound confident, even when you’re not.  Actors and singers do it at every gig, and they usually manage to fool us.

One Does Get Nervous

What most people don’t realise is that virtually all good speakers, trainers, showbiz people – even HM The Queen – have gone through years of training to get themselves to the point where they appear confident to us, their ‘audience’.  Two examples always stick in my mind.  Some years back, The Queen’s Christmas Speech programme featured a group of schoolchildren from various Commonwealth countries who were invited to meet HM and ask her questions.  One kid asked her “Do you ever get nervous when you have to speak in front of lots of people?”  Her reply was a priceless understatement: “Yes, one does get nervous”.

I also remember seeing a programme about Sir Anthony Hopkins, when he was playing one of the big Shakespearean roles on stage, and the interviewer asked him about his preparations before each performance.  He finished off his description by saying “The curtain goes up at 7.30, and around 7.20 each evening I’m usually in the loo, throwing up.  And if I’m not, I have to ask myself why I’m not feeling nervous enough”.  Then the curtain goes up and this majestic performer steps on to the stage – and nobody in the audience knows that 10 minutes ago, he was sick as a parrot.

It Ain’t What You Say …

The message I’m trying to convey is that very few people naturally have that elusive quality commonly called ‘Confidence’: not George Clooney, not Rihanna, not David Bowie, not Nicole Scherzinger, not Angelina Jolie – not even Her Majesty Herself.  They have all learned how to do it.

What you can do, and millions of people the world over have done, is to train yourself to sound and look confident when that curtain goes up.  Whether you have to give a speech at an international conference, or go to a crucial meeting with important clients, or simply pick up the phone to call a prospect you’ve been putting off calling – knowing what you have to do to sound and look confident – and even how to breathe confidently – can give you that crucial edge.  People buy from people, and most of us tend to trust people who sound and look like they know what they’re talking about.

We can help you deliver more confident presentations, put your best foot forward in crucial meetings, and … to pick up that ****ing phone and make that call!

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