First, the Bad News …


Having worked in Customer Services and Marketing in various capacities for over 30 years, we’ve marketed products and services for hundreds of clients, big and small.  And yet … marketing our own stuff has often presented us with difficulties.  When we describe the benefits to a potential client, they either ‘get it’ immediately and sign up on the spot, or their eyes glaze over.  If the latter, it’s hard to bring them around.

A few facts for you to consider, especially if you’re at the point where you’re thinking “I could do with a telephone receptionist, but I can’t afford their salary.  And besides, I don’t get enough calls to warrant a full-timer.  I’ll stick with the voicemail for now.”

Fact One: up to 75% of callers do not leave a message when they hear a voicemail.  (Figures from BT)

Fact Two: over 25% of all business calls in the UK do not get any answer, not even a voicemail. (Figures from Vodafone)

Fact Three: we know from our own stats that around 34% of all calls we receive are unsolicited sales calls.  How much of your precious time do you burn swatting these away?

Fact Four: a rule of thumb is that the ‘real’ costs of hiring a person onto your payroll is around 1.8 times their salary, to account for employer’s national insurance, holidays, sick leave, pension, share of overheads etc.

Assumption One: if a client – or a new prospect – hears a voicemail, what does that tell them?

Assumption Two: when they hear the voicemail, what do they do next?  Leave a message?  Call back later?  Go elsewhere?  Can you afford to risk any of those outcomes?

Now some Good News for you to consider after all that doom and gloom


Benefit One: We give you a full-time receptionist for a tiny fraction of the Cost of hiring someone onto your payroll

Benefit Two: We Save you precious Time by answering and screening your calls

Benefit Three: We enhance your Image by giving callers the appearance of a full-time receptionist or PA

Benefit Four: We give you the Peace of Mind of knowing your calls are being handled while you get on with your work

Benefit Five: We can always transfer urgent calls to you – you decide who it’s vital to speak to, and who can wait for you to call back

Benefit Six: We’ll give you a month’s free trial.

What’s not to like?  Call Bryan, Kieron or Lyn on 01933 462130