Time vs productivity has always been an ongoing challenge for small businesses. If you’re looking to scale up, but lack of man power, hours and expertise is hindering you, then here are 10 tasks that you can outsource immediately to achieve your dreams.

How to scale up your business by outsourcing

So, you’re at the crossroads, and you can take one of two paths. Either work on your business slowly, as it grows you can take on more people. Alternatively, outsource some of your tasks and stay flexible whilst freeing up your time to work on the most important ones.


Here are 7 tasks that any small business can outsource.

  1. Telephone answering

It’s no secret that people who call a business don’t like voicemail. In fact, research from BT demonstrates that as many as 7 out of 10 callers will ring off once that voicemail greeting starts. Imagine your business with those extra 7 callers on board as paying clients. It could be an entirely different picture with regards to your revenue. Outsourcing your telephone answering can make this a reality.

  1. Overflow call handling

Imagine, you’ve got a busy afternoon in the office, working with clients, and the phone just keeps ringing off the hook. Even small businesses need help with their calls once in a while.  Perhaps somebody is off sick or you need holiday cover.  By outsourcing, you can enjoy not being under pressure to hurry other clients off the phone. You can receive messages and/or emails from your outsourcing team – or even have the call transferred through to you if it’s important.

  1. Outbound calling

Many small businesses opt not to hire a receptionist, but to outsource this role. Not only are incoming calls answered, but the outgoing calls can also be handled. Appointments can be rescheduled and all those networking and exhibition leads can finally be followed up on. It’s even possible to run a survey and chase up those you gave quotes to.

  1. Database list cleansing

You may have the most wonderful database of names and contact details, but what use is it if it’s out of date. Outsourcing the task of cleaning it up and ensuring it is current will mean that your campaigns go to the right people and that you’ll be compliant with the Data Protection Act.

  1. Orders and fulfilment

If making sales is your biggest focus, then why not outsource order-taking. It’s possible to arrange card payments to be taken by a team with all payments going directly into your bank account.  Otherwise, you can opt for brochures and marketing material to be sent out either online or by traditional snail-mail.  Your team won’t waste time doing something that they could pass on to somebody with less expertise.

  1. Training

If you want your staff to have outstanding skills in customer service, then you may want to consider the possibility of outsourcing your training. Telemarketing, telesales, helpdesk, credit control, onboarding of new customers and management training are all areas where small businesses can benefit from professional input.  Before you know if your staff will be operating with excellent listening and rapport building skills with clients and other stakeholders.

  1. Advertising response handling

Advertising is powerful, but not if you cannot handle the response. Outsource to a team of trained responders, and you’ll be able to expand your business just how you had dreamed without impacting the service that you deliver to your existing customers. Whether it’s catalogue requests or handling account enquiries or just taking orders, outsourcing is the way to take the strain.

As you can see, there are many different tasks that you can outsource so that you can focus on growing your business.  If you want to find out how this might work for your business, contact us today for a no obligation chat. We are located in Northamptonshire and offer a nationwide service.  Call us on 01933 462130.