If you’re getting continuously bugged by sales calls – join the club.  From Accountants to Zen Masters via electricity suppliers, telecoms experts, IT companies, under floor heating suppliers and heavens know what else, the number of companies punting for work through cold calling seems to be on the increase.  And that’s before you get to the PPI plague.Some callers can be very devious: they claim they’re responding to a call from you; some may have done their research, found a name and will call back later, asking for the first name only like they know the person they’re calling; some will just ask for “the person who looks after your IT …” etc. Outbound callers have found numerous ways of getting past the gate keeper, so be on your guard.

So what are you going to do about it?

However the problem might be considered twofold: how do you get rid of cold calls, knowing that occasionally someone might call with the very thing you need, right now?  How you decide which call to progress with? I’m sad to say there’s no easy answer.

One way to stop cold calls is to could register with the TPS (telephone preference services) – they can be found at www.tpsonline.org.uk.  Most reputable telemarketing companies will take you off their database once you’ve registered.

And if you know you’re getting a cold call just the mention of the TPS will get most callers to hang up fairly quickly.

However, you’re still likely to get calls from people who won’t know what the TPS is.  Be gentle with these guys – they’re just trying to earn a living.  You’ll get those who will say “I found your details on the internet therefore I can call you” – I have a stock answer for that which I won’t commit to paper; and a few from callers, who, for whatever reason, you actually want to talk to.  Maybe they’ve been very polite, maybe there’s something really attractive about their voice – and maybe they just happen to be selling something you really need or want!

An alternative solution for you

As a telephone answering service we take literally hundreds of calls a day, an increasing number of which are sales calls.

In the meantime, we can screen all those calls for you, so you can get on with your real work, without these unwanted distractions.  To your genuine customers, it’ll sound like you have a really professional receptionist.  As for the nuisance callers – well, you won’t even know they existed. And every now and then we come across a nugget – one cold call via Star gave one client 2 years’ work and through another cold call one client took on a unique franchise and become the UK lead franchisee.  Rare but true.

If you want to call we’re on 01933 462 130.