Outsourcing as we know it goes way back to the industrial revolution (1750 to 1900 for the non-historians).  It probably existed as a business process since time immemorial.

And whilst in our era it started with manufacturing, there are now a plethora of products and services that are outsourced as a matter of course.  Think Dyno-Rod: if your drains get backed up, who you gonna call?  You could in theory pull up the drain covers yourself (don’t forget the peg for your nose) and unclog the blockage.  But why do that when a specialist team with all the right gear can do the job in a fraction of the time?

I’ve had discussions with the Financial Director of a major oil company who wanted to outsource the finance department.  At the other end of the scale, anyone employing a locum can be considered to be using an outsourced facility.

However, there are a number of functions that many companies are loath to let go of, fully.  There’s a fear, often irrational, that an outsourced company would not have the same level of care or expertise as an employee.  In my view, not necessarily true – in fact, not true at all.

Outsource some of my business processes?  Why on Earth should I do that?

If you can train an employee why can’t you train a third party?

There’s also the issue of cost – how can someone else do the same function more effectively, for less cost and still make a profit?

Sometimes it can be economy of scale, more efficient ways of working, maybe better technology, or by using shared resources.  Or, as in the Dyno-Rod case, the right kit.

It’s highly likely that the UK-based Call Centres featured in many advertising campaigns today are also using an outsourced service.

Phone vintage slider Star OfficeTake Star for instance.  We provide outsourced contact centre services, with our main focus on virtual reception/PA services.  How many times have you rung a company, spoken to the receptionist who was unable to help and then said – “sorry, I’m only the receptionist”.  Only the receptionist!!

To us the receptionist is one of the most important people in your office.  More often than not, they’re the first point of contact with potential new clients and they make a massive difference to the way your clients view you.

Like a great receptionist, we can make your callers most welcome, make and change appointments, send reminders to­­­­­ clients to ensure they don’t miss an appointment, take payments and much more.

We’ve even been instrumental in winning new customers for our clients.  And in fact, that’s how we get many of our new clients: someone calls in to speak to one of our clients (except it’s actually STAR) and they like how we answer the phone and handle their enquiry.

We’re happy to give you a free trial.  Give us a call on 01933 462130 to discuss how we might benefit your business.  Don’t just take my word for it – check out what our clients have said about us by clicking here.