Stress and running your own business go hand in hand. The day-to-day lifestyle takes its toll. Getting a business off the ground is hard work and can make many of us prone to exhaustion.

Your success depends to a large degree on your ability to maintain stamina over the long run. Here are five ideas for the New Year, to make sure you don’t burn out, and to boost your chances of succeeding.

  1. Make Sure You Prioritise

Time is a finite resource and there will always be more work than time available. Every small business has constrained resources, so don’t try to immediately implement every idea that comes into your head.

In any small business or start-up, it’s very tempting to try to take on every opportunity.  Success isn’t about doing everything; it’s about doing the things that matter.

  1. Do What You Do Best, and Learn to Delegate

In any small business or start-up, you’ll probably find yourself doing everything.  Literally.  Some tasks you’ll love, and you’ll happily carry them out; others you’ll hate – and guess what, they won’t get done.  As soon as you can, get to the stage where you can delegate or outsource some of the tasks you hate, or are no good at (or both).

  1. Connect with Other Small Businesses and Start-Ups

It’s very easy to become isolated, especially if you work from home in the early days.  Your friends with ‘proper’ jobs don’t understand this pressure – and probably don’t want to listen to how hard your life is right now.  Find other entrepreneurs and get together with them to cross-fertilise ideas.  Like – who does their book-keeping?  Do they have proper Terms and Conditions drawn up?  How do they find new clients?  How quickly can they follow up new enquiries?

  1. Set Challenging Yet Realistic Goals

It’s very easy in the early days to feel like a complete failure.  Some friends of ours are about to sell their business for £2m.  Why not me and my lovely little start-up?  Because it’s taken our friends 17 years to get to that stage … Focus on what steps you can take next, and stop worrying about any mistakes and failures along the way.

  1. Look after Yourself in Little Ways

There’s no industry award for being the Hardest Worker in The Country, or for Staying Up The Latest.  Especially when you work from home, it’s very easy to dissolve any boundaries between ‘On’ and ‘Off’.  We all need to eat and sleep well, take some regular exercise – and simply take time out for family and friends.  As a wise man once said – “A man does not live by bread alone”.

If you want to start delegating some tasks, we may be able to help.  For example, we can answer all your calls, weed out those annoying ones from salespeople, arrange meetings, and pass on messages to you by voicemail, text or email.  All of which will give you some more valuable time to do what you do best: serving your customers and earning more money.

For a no-obligation chat on how we might help, give us a call on 01933 462130.